Top 10 Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

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Being a mom is a full-time job, and sometimes it can feel like keeping up with household chores is an impossible task. From juggling work, kids, school, and extracurricular activities, finding the time and energy to clean can be a major source of stress and anxiety for busy moms. Thankfully, there are some cleaning hacks that can help make the process easier and more manageable. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cleaning hacks for busy moms that can save you time, energy, and stress.

1. Use vinegar to clean microwave: Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam will loosen any stuck-on food, making it easier to wipe clean.

2. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpets: Simply run a squeegee over your carpet to lift up pet hair. This is a quick and easy way to keep your carpets looking clean and hair-free.

3. Use a lint roller to clean lampshades: Lampshades can collect a lot of dust and dirt. Use a lint roller to quickly and easily remove dust and dirt from lampshades.

4. Clean your showerhead with vinegar: Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around your showerhead with a rubber band. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then remove the bag and run hot water through the showerhead to remove any buildup.

5. Use a toothbrush to clean grout: Grout can be difficult to clean, but a toothbrush can make the job much easier. Simply dip a toothbrush in a mixture of water and vinegar and scrub the grout clean.

6. Use baking soda to clean oven racks: Sprinkle baking soda on your oven racks, then spray them with vinegar. Let them sit for a few hours or overnight, then scrub them clean with a sponge or brush.

7. Use a lemon to clean cutting boards: Rub a cut lemon over your cutting board to remove odors and bacteria. The acid in the lemon will help disinfect the cutting board and leave it smelling fresh.

8. Use coffee grounds to remove odors from the fridge: Place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to absorb any unwanted odors. The coffee grounds will help neutralize odors and leave your fridge smelling fresh.

9. Use a microfiber cloth to clean mirrors: Microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning mirrors and windows because they are streak-free and leave no lint behind.

10. Use dryer sheets to clean baseboards: Running a dryer sheet along your baseboards can help repel dust and dirt, making them easier to clean in the future.

By incorporating these cleaning hacks into your routine, you can save time and energy while keeping your home clean and organized. Remember, it’s important to take care of yourself as well. If you find that anxiety and stress are overwhelming, consider seeking Anxiety treatment from a professional to help you manage your mental health.

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